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Name Height (cm) Size
Camellia 10L
Carex Comans Red 10L
Carex Frosted Curls 10L
Caryopteris Heavenly Blue 10L
Caryopteris Worcester Gold 10L
Ceanothus Concha 10L
Ceanothus Skylark 10L
Ceanothus Thyrs. Repens 40-60 10L
Cercis Forest Pansy 35L
Choisya Ternata 10L
Choisya Ternata Aztec Pearl 40-60 10L
Choisya Ternata Sundance 10L
Cistus Corbariensis 10L
Cistus Purpureus 40-60 10L
Cistus Silver Pink 10L
Cistus Sunset 10L
Clematis Armandii Appleblossom 10L
Clematis Montana Rubens 10L
Clematis The President 150-175 10L
Cordyline Australis 175-200 Cg
Cordyline Australis 90-120 10L
Cordyline Red Star 10L
Cornus Alba Elegantissima 10L
Cornus Midwinter Fire 80-100 10L
Corylus Avellana Contorta 60-90 10L
Cotinus Coggygria Purpurea 60-80 10L
Cotinus Grace 10L
Cotoneaster Franchettii 90-120 10L
Cupp. Castlewellan Gold 120-150 10L
Cupp. Castlewellan Gold 150
Cupp. Castlewellan Spiral 150
Cupp. Leylandii 150-175 10L
Cupressus Sempervirens 175-200 20L
Cupressus Sempervirens 200-250 25L
Campanula 2L
Campanula Blue Clips 2L
Campanula Summer Pearl 2L
Carex Buchananii 2L
Carex Comans Red 2L
Carex Evergold 2L
Carex Flagellifera 2L
Carex Frosted Curls 2L
Chrysanthemum Elizabeth 2L
Convallaria Majalis 2L
Coreopsis Early Sunrise 2L
Coreopsis Lemon Punch 2L
Crocosmia Lucifer 2L
Callicarpa Bod. Profusion 40-60 3L
Camellia Purple Emperor 3L
Caryopteris Heavenly Blue 30-40 3L
Caryopteris Worcester Gold 2L
Caryopteris Worcester Gold 3L
Ceanothus Concha 2L
Ceanothus Marie Simon 3L
Ceanothus Repens 30-40 2L
Ceanothus Repens 3L
Ceanothus Skylark 40-60 2L
Chaenomeles Cameo 3L
Chaenomeles Crimson & Gold 40-60 3L
Choisya Aztec Pearl 30-40 2L
Choisya Sundance 30-40 2L
Choisya Ternata 30-40 2L
Choisya Ternata Sundance 30-40 3L
Cistus Corbariensis 30-40 2L
Cistus Purpureus 30-40 2L
Cistus Silver Pink 3L
Cistus Sunset 20-30 2L
Cordyline Australis 60-80 3L
Cordyline Red Star 3L
Cordyline Sundance 3L
Cornus Alba Sibirica 60-80 3L
Cornus Alba Spaethii 60-80 3L
Cornus Elegantissima 60-80 3L
Cornus Midwinter Fire 40-60 2L
Cornus Stolonifera Flaviramea 60-80 2L
Corylus Maxima Purpurea 60-80 3L
Cotinus Coggygria Purpurea 40-60 3L
Cotoneaster Conspicuus Decorus 30-40 2L
Cotoneaster Coral Beauty 40-60 2L
Cotoneaster Cornubia 60-80 3L
Cotoneaster Dammeri 30-40 2L
Cotoneaster Franchettii 60-80 3L
Cotoneaster Horizontalis 30-40 2L
Cotoneaster Lacteus 3L
Cotoneaster Skogholm 30-40 2L
Cytisus Burkwoodii 40-60 2L
Cytisus Praecox Allgold 40-60 2L
Carpinus Betulus (Hornbeam) 60-80 1/1
Cornus Alba 60-80 0/1
Cornus Alba Elegantissima 60-80 0/1
Cornus Alba Sibirica 60-80 0/1
Cornus Sanguinea (Dogwood) 60-80 1/1
Cornus Stolonifera Flaviramea 60-80 1/1
Corylus Avellana (Hazel) 60-80 1/1
Cotoneaster Franchettii 40-60 1/1
Crataegus Monogyna (Hawthorn) 60-80 1/0
Crataegus Monogyna (Hawthorn) 60-80 1/1
Clematis Armandii 60-80 2L
Clematis Bill Mackenzie 60-80 2L
Clematis Hybrids In Variety 60-80 2L
Clematis Montana Rubens 60-80 2L
Clematis The President 60-80 2L

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