1. Pricing

All prices quoted are ex-nursery (exclusive of VAT and to be collected).

Catalogue prices can be changed at any time but if an order has been placed, we will charge at the price quoted originally.

Quotes are valid for 30 days.

Delivery is charged at cost or at an agreed cost.

2. Complaints

Any problems with goods received should be raised within 7 days.

3. Orders and Invoicing

If an order is placed for items which must be bought in by us, these can not be cancelled and will need to be paid for. We will hold plants which have been bought in for a maximum of 60 days unless otherwise agreed.

If the customer uses Purchase Order numbers, it is their responsibility to supply us with these numbers.

If a purchase order number is not received and the order is invoiced without the purchase order number, it is down to the customer to rectify this with the relevant department and to ensure that payment is still made to us within the terms agreed.

Orders can be requested for a certain date, but this date will have to be agreed upon by us.

4. Plants Supplied

In all cases, we reserve the right to offer amendments or substitutions where the goods ordered are not available or are considered by us to be of unacceptable quality. These substitutions can be rejected, and the item can be removed from an order. If a substitution is of lesser value, the price on our order will be amended.

All plants supplied remain the property of Spinney Nurseries until full payment is received. If payment is not received, we reserve the right to reclaim the goods.

5. Payment

Customers with an agreed credit account: Payment for all goods invoiced is due 30 days from the date of supply unless otherwise agreed.

Customers without a credit account: Payment must be made before or upon collection. If delivery is being made, payment must be made before delivery & funds must be cleared.

We will exercise our statutory right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if payment is not received by us in accordance with our agreed terms.

6. Warranty

No warranty or guarantee is offered by us.

All liability and risk are passed on to the customer upon acceptance of the goods.

We reserve the right to withdraw a credit account at any time if our terms are not met.

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