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Name Height (cm) Size
Sedum Autumn Joy 10L
Senecio Greyi 10L
Spiraea Arguta 10L
Spiraea Goldflame 10L
Spiraea Goldmound 10L
Stipa Arundinacea 10L
Stipa Gigantea 10L
Stipa Tenuissima 10L
Salvia East Friesland 2L
Salvia Officinalis 2L
Salvia Officinalis Icterina 2L
Salvia Officinalis Purpurea 2L
Schizostylis Coccinea Major 2L
Sedum Autumn Joy 2L
Sedum Purple Emperor 2L
Stachys Silver Carpet 2L
Stipa Arundinacea 2L
Stipa Gigantea 2L
Stipa Tenuissima 2L
Sambucus Black Lace 2L
Santolina Incana 20-30 2L
Sarcococca Confusa 20-30 2L
Sarcococca Humilis 20-30 2L
Senecio Greyi 30-40 2L
Skimmia Rubella 20-30 2L
Skimmia Rubinetta 2L
Spiraea Anthony Waterer 30-40 2L
Spiraea Arguta 40-60 2L
Spiraea Candlelight 30-40 2L
Spiraea Firelight 30-40 2L
Spiraea Goldflame 30-40 2L
Spiraea Goldmound 30-40 2L
Spiraea Little Princess 30-40 2L
Spiraea Snowmound 40-60 2L
Symphoricarpos Hancock 40-60 2L
Syringa Charles Joly 40-60 3L
Syringa Microphylla Superba 40 3L
Spiral Rabbit Guards Clear 60
Strapping 25M
Sorbus Aucuparia 60-80 1/0
Symphoricarpos Chenaultii Hancock 40-60 0/1
Solanum Crispum Glasnevin 60-80 2L
Solanum Jasminoides Album 60-80 2L

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